Friday, June 25, 2010

Tornado country

Apologies to my reader (Hi Mom!) for the lack of recent updates.
Wifi and cell servce were difficult to come by in the mountains of Colorado.
I'll go back and fill in the gaps later, when I get near a computer. Right now there's a lot of country between me and home, and most of it's Kansas.

from the B Hive bar in Colby, KS, where the farm boys are starting to get rowdy.


  1. As you were spotted the other day in Rocket to Venus--by none more credible than Tommy Turnbull--one concludes that you did, in fact, make it back to Baltimore alive. Good show! Now how 'bout writing down for our edification all the shit that you didn't manage to type whilst on the road?

  2. Working on it, Ed. I'm putting them in chronological order, so there are a few that now appear before this one.

  3. Chris,
    I am curious about the map you have on your blog about the cross-country trip. I have an actual copy of the book and it does not have a map (nor do any pages appear to be missing). Can you say where that map came from?
    Thanks MLH